About us

Welcome to our Jack’s Clan FCI purebred dog breeding. We are a Jack Russel Terrier purebred dog breeding, registered in Związek Kynologiczny in Poland and in Fédération Cynologique Internationale. Our passion is smooth coated Jack’s variation, which we have bred since 2004. Welcome!

Our adventure with breeding purebred dogs (dachshunds and basset hounds) started 30 years ago. However, our first Jack Russel Terrier female dog was welcomed in our home in 2004. We have a home dog breeding in the literal sense of the word. They are our family members and they have constant contact with us.

We live in Targanice. It is a picturesque tourist destination located between Silesian and Lesser Poland voivodeship, in Beskid Mały and in the proximity of ‘Łamana Skała’ landscape park. Visiting our dog breeding is profitable even because of the magnificent landscapes nearby. The mixed forests in the slopes of ‘Potrójna’ and ‘Jawornica’ are exceptionally beautiful in spring and in autumn. There are many tourist routes from Targanice. Nearby accommodation and gastronomy suit every pocket. From hospitable agritourism to luxurious hotels in Kocierz and Rzyki. Furthermore, there is a place 15 km from Targanice where Jan Paweł II was born – Wadowice.


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